Swimming Pool Design London is formed from a reputable collaboration of consultants, designers, engineers, craftsman and construction experts whom design and build bespoke luxury swimming pools to the client’s conceptions creating beautiful and modern environments.

We are consultants who design and build bespoke luxury swimming pools to the client’s requirements aided with our experience to create a peaceful, beautiful ambience for all the family and friends.

Our company continually endeavours to produce high quality finishing with attention to detail and in depth knowledge with design and engineering experiences for a considerable number of years.

Having worked with numerous luxurious construction’s and esteemed highly respected and refined clients / designers we are able to maintain and appreciate consistency of quality throughout keeping to a set standard we are fond of and strive for.

Our technical knowledge of this specialist field ensures the hydraulics and overall efficiency of the swimming pool and jacuzzi complies and exceeds the governing body regulations.

Each detail of every project we undertake gets the same care and attention – we take pride in our work.

Whether the pool is based on recreation, family, sport we will guide you through the process of construction from start to finish.

Deriving from an industry based on traditional standards we aim to be at the forefront of modernisation and technology in Swimming Pool Design.

Moving away from antiquated methods of hydraulics and engineering we allow and welcome progression within our field of expertise.

Modestly astute in design but yet humble with our clients we build long lasting relationships with meticulous care and adherence to their needs.

Ultimately coherence with the client and their requirements form the basis of our design and construction projects.

Depicting projected desires from our clients is calculated through a feasibility study and stipulated regulations from governing bodies.

Our role is to listen but equally provide the correct advice and knowledge to ensure technically and aesthetically all factors comply.

We work closely with specialist manufacturers within the swimming pool industry and our long terms relationships gain access to innovative, efficient and modern swimming pool related products.

We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on – we take pride in our work.



We one of the most innovative swimming pool design and build practices. Our specialist knowledge has pioneered a sustainable approach through a strikingly wide range of work.



We believe consultation is essential at all stages of a successful project, whether it is gathering a brief, raising support or keeping everyone informed.



Our approach to design and project management with open communication ensures that our projects are delivered on time and on budget.



Our team undertake project-based research every day, enabling us to bring the very latest ideas, technical advice, and legislative knowledge to every project



Quality craftsmanship and precise engineering have allowed for our growing success. Our engineering and construction team provide workmanship to the highest standards



Our proven commitment to our clients and projects provides the highest level of customer satisfaction. Every project has the same care and attention - We take pride in what we do.


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